Sew & Chatter

Conversations Tailored For Connection
Nothing brings our residents together in a meaningful way quite like our signature Sew & Chatter program.
Sew & Chatter is a light-hearted and therapeutic group activity led by our very own resident, Bernice Simmons. It encourages residents to visit over conversation and refreshments, while they work together on a sewing project, typically toward a common goal and for a good cause. The group frequently creates handmade quilts to donate to St. Jude Children’s Hospital on behalf of Three Rivers Healthcare & Rehabilitation.

Sew & Chatter is the perfect opportunity to practice or learn sewing, while catching up with friends. From creating a baby blanket for a staff member’s baby shower, to knitting scarves for a family member’s birthday, working together on fun projects naturally builds a sense of comradery and lasting bonds between our residents.